Saturday, March 31, 2012

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. ..Bill Cosby

 If you're the one who is always last to leave the job or the work place, you could be a people pleaser.  If your children treat you poorly and carry on about how they are entitled to this and that and you allow this to happen, this is clear people pleasing.  Did you walk away from your marriage and still don't understand what the heck happened, yes you may well be one of these "People Pleaser's".

The people pleaser's of the world struggle with a life of trying to get approval from others. Sometimes this group of people attempt to meet this need by doing  and going over the top.  They cannot seem to say no to people!  Even when they should say no they find themselves accepting another engagement or job or project or volunteering on another committee.  These personality types often suffer emotionally with co-dependent issues concurrently.  The People Pleaser personality has a real fear of failure.  They will kill themselves trying to hide the fact that they have any imperfections.
Where does this start?  My guess is this sort of behaviour is instigated in childhood.


 I usually find the issue was a form of abuse in the past history of the "Pleaser".  This person learned as a child to do what had to be done to keep the peace.  Enabling the abuser to carry on abusing.  This is then carried on into the adult life of the person because it is so firmly entrenched into the persons being.  They become one and the same and even the "Pleaser" sees their behaviours as likeable.  They have a strong tendency to get mixed up about being loved and about being needed, often making poor choices because of this.

Build strong relationships with your children, don't be afraid to confront the ones who have hurt you or treated you poorly.  This is one of the hardest ones. Confrontation.  People pleaser's hate confrontation. Break the cycle if this has been what has happened in your family.

Images by Mezza - The Beach at Hungry Head and Dawn in Urunga

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light. Norman B. Rice

 The dawns are getting cooler

The cloud opens and light reaches down.
I got up early today and mostly read .  I thought to myself; I will write of the week that was.   I got caught reading instead.   I found some blogs about stars and constellations.  I read about the constellation Orion and how the belt is the saucepan to us here in Australia.  I didn't know this was the same thing until this mornings reading.  I am interested because the sky has been exciting over the last month of March.  Venus and various other heavenly beings lining up in the sky.  It has been very beautiful.
I have negated to go and take photographs early all of this week except for Monday.  I have been so badly  bitten that I felt I needed to recover from the bites that I still have before getting more.  I dislike these little beasts. They drive me fully crazy with the itch that never seems to subside.  It is itchy till it hurts, then it just hurts. Midgee's and mozzies are the pits.

In order to escape this I want to find a business partner who wants to buy something and do the same as me. Doing this with someone else is more what I want to do.   I need to buy some land desperately and grow vegetables and have animals to care for.  I am sick of seeing our dog tied to a lead 24/7 because of where we live.  I am getting sick of sitting in the proverbial dark.  I want someone to reach down and pull me out of this darkness.  I want to be able to really live again.  I have felt a sense of marking time in the last couple of years.  Like I am waiting for something but I don't know what this something is.

Our Backyard
I wish I understood some of this stuff.  I wish I understood why I feel the way I do.  I want to know why I cannot just be happy.  I have to do something about this.  It is a nice house but do we need to live in such luxury?   It is a nice yard for the dog I will grant  this fact.  Phoenix must love her view of the Pacific Ocean but for me,  I can't dig it up so  it isn't an ideal yard for me.  I need to see things growing and fruiting and feeding us.  I need to not see so much useless grass and more useful food plants.  I cringe at buying so much petrol to cut this useless grass.  

So it is radio day today also and so I must get up and finish that off as well.  Montana and I  have a huge show today jam packed with new Australian Music.  We love Australian music.  We love to bring it to you guys.  Today Montana will be there for the entire show.   She said to me on Monday she would, however it is Friday  and a lot changes through the normal school week. 

Montana and Me
 I wish that Montana could plan her life a little more effectively because being let down at the last minute is not an ideal way to carry out a partnership.  She is still 15 years old and so you cannot put an old head on young shoulders.  She will work out whether this is effective in her life or not.  Best if she does this herself to really learn the life's lesson enclosed there within.   Funnily enough no one says much to her.  They say it to me.  I wish they would not.  Don't they think I know this stuff?   How can I physically make her like being there anymore than she already does?  It is impossible short of paying her.  I am not paying her so don't panic.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.”

 A quote from  E. L. Doctorow  (American Author and Editor, b.1931)

Heading down my street

 My usual exploration into the world of reading and learning and writing was called short today and a shopping trip was planned instead.  I missed writing this morning and find that usually I am too tired at night time to do this.  Its hard to concentrate when you wake up early as I do.  By this time I am usually ready to tuck down for the evening.  I will push on because I must and also because I want to.  I learned that my car is small today.  Perhaps we may be a little squishy going to Sydney when we trek to Uluru in 35 days. 

I will workshop what I take and treat it like a huge hiking trip.. Taking the bare essentials and camera gear .. skimping on the beauty products.  Not that I have any but just saying I will be taking very little with me. One pair of shoes should suffice, my steel capped boots. I wore them today.

 The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.  Marcelene Cox

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rattling the Keys to the kingdom - Hilltop Hoods

Some words from their latest album called Drinking from the Sun and from the song "Drinking from the Sun"...

We move mountains and drink from the Sun
We're timeless like riders in the storm
Survivors like the light that rises in the dawn

Listen to this track and you will fall in love with the Hilltop Hoods /  I like to think of this groups sound as very well produced underground as a way of keeping it all real in my head.

I am seeing the Hilltop Hoods along with many other bands with Montana at Groovin the Moo at Maitland in May 2012.  Man am I excited. 

Image by Mezza -  Looking into the sun from here in my back yard at Urunga!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rattling the Keys to the Kingdom..

Hilltop Hoods from Adelaide Australia are an awesome bunch of fellahs and we are all going nutz with the songs  from the Album "Drinking from the Sun".  The Album went Gold overnight and Platinum a number of days later. Amazing, Aussie Hip Hop is hitting very high spots.

When I start breathing heavily, I scar the beat and the melody
They said that we're dreaming
But we'll keep reaching till leaving heavenly
The key to freedoms said to be, release and leave the memory

Imma weight upon your back and imma razor your lap
We came to conquer,  stage and opera, fade it onto black.
Now hush, hear the voice, so addicted to the,
Rush to fill the void, missing everything we,
Love to feel the joy,  build it up till we,
Crush, Kill, destroy.

Listening to the entire album this week has been a joy.  If you want you may hear this track you may then hear these words and how amazing they are put together and how much meaning there really is here.  Its tremendous.

Listening to the album has also made me reflect on life and how we see things and how that some are very very shallow and really they don't all do what they say they will do.  Tough love works and it also kills and can destroy.  Which then is not love.  Love never destroys.  Love is free will in abundance.

 "Tough Love" is an imaginary figment of some fools imagination probably because it sounded good and quite new age.  Well we are all not fooled by this high end idea of new age wisdom.  There isn't a damn thing that is new for a start.  All of what has been said regarding New Age Philosophies has all been done before.  There is in fact NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN....  its already been done.

Images by Mezza - Musical note metal erection of honor to David Helfgott's musical contribution to the local area of Bellingen Shire  NSW.

Monday, March 26, 2012


We will burn up with desire and conflict if we do not remember the original teachings and return to a peaceful way of life.

When the red star comes, this is the purifier and all living things will be given an opportunity to change from the largest to the smallest.

It is important to understand that these messages will be found upon every living thing, even within our own bodies, even within a droplet of blood.   (Hopi Indian prophesy)

The way through this time is said to be found in our hearts and re-uniting with our spiritual self.

This is a small extract of a Hopi Indian Prophesy.  It is part of my quest to find the secret knowledge of the ancient ones before me.  Sun Gazing and seeing into the sun and allowing the sun to switch my switches on and illuminate my darkest places has been an eye opener of magnificent capacities.  The wonderful changes that have already occurred must be seen as miracles. 

Binary system of O stars Русский: Двойная сист...Binary system of O stars Русский: Двойная система О звезд (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Where there is light there is no darkness.   Inside  my body in the darkest reaches, the light touches by way of  entering through my eyes and reaching the pineal gland in my brain.  This is the grand and master switch for turning on this part of your brain that is akin to the ancient knowledge.  With out some kind of awakening all of this will seem fairly remote and what they call double dutch.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.

~Isak Dinesen..

Rocks on the wall at Urunga NSW

Tears are said to cleanse the soul.  When we are sick we are told to sweat it out.  When there is a skin malady often salt water is the curative.  I like to get into the salt water as often as possible to avail myself of the healing qualities of the oceans water soaked in sunshine.

Image by Mezza -  The Rock wall at Urunga NSW
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

I find that having hope is a way of hanging on while my tendrils attach again to the seemingly shifty trellis of life that I am growing in.

Mary Peters 2012...Sentimental Rox

Old Butter factory still hanging on and trading.  Some times its vital to re invent yourself.  Just like the butter factory.

Image by Mezza- Old Butter factory

Friday, March 23, 2012

Be modest! It is the kind of pride least likely to offend. Jules Renard (1864 - 1910)

My modest bean trellis does not offend me.  It is humble in its appearance but does a super job and its high to accommodate the sprawling beans.


Hope is a waking dream  - Aristotle ( 384BC - 322BC) 
Taken from Diogenes Laertius, " Lives of Eminent Philosophers"  
The beans are climbers and are always looking for the best place for their little tendrils to attach to.  They never give up and are always reaching for new heights.  I find that having hope is a way of hanging on while my tendrils attach again to the seemingly shifty trellis of life that I am growing in. 

Image by Mezza -  The humble bean in flower doused in water 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Determine never to be idle…It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.

Thomas Jefferson

Dawn with sheeted water at Urunga
 One foot after another,  keep going at it and if you are one of those that don't tire, you will taste the sweetness of success.  Mary Peters 2012

Image by Mezza - Dawn on open Appeture

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.

— Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887)

Just say thank you!

When you see something that blows your mind in nature just acknowledge what you see and stand and say thank you out loud back to the Universe.  The Universe understands your language and understands and feels your gratitude. The universe is waiting for you to notice it is still there waiting for you. 

There is such a thing as divine providence.  Nature is the first port of call if you want to re-connect to this.
 love Mezza
 Quote webpage -

Image by Mezza - Bilbergia Bromiliad

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What once were minuscule buds are now flowers in the same garden bed of life, perfumed and full of colour and and the magic of Mary-Ellen Peters 2012.

 I named my daughters Sunshine and Star.... respectively for a reason. 

 Think about it for one second ( that's if you bother to read this) ... I am not fleet footed with no cause, rhyme or reason, The genetic coding is what plots this course of ours!

There are wings on the heels of my feet .. I am fleet footed, quick to act, and my eyes see beyond this place into the farthermost reaches of this universe / way beyond the stars..way beyond the needs of our human form! We are all children of light and light travels fast... Mercurial minds join the light-workers - united together to repel the darkness all around us now.. .. They want you to hate the SUN / don't do it!

But I also must add that this is a little out there and I would not blame people for thinking all sorts of things reading this. Keep an open mind is all that I would ask of anyone.."

This time is a really important time in which we are all living. The sun will send out vibrations like we in our lives have not seen before. Things are happening, and I feel these vibrations.
 A few months back I really had a huge awakening with the plants and how they were responding to certain influences. When you slow right down and watch this stuff .. I have to say it is amazing. Daily new things have been opening up like a flower coming into a fullness of bloom and colour.
Not everyone can or is able to do this. Those that can must continue to gather up the ones who can't or haven't and lead them gently into the light.
We have been conned severely and we have been separated from the true source of what is necessary to fulfil our potential as beings of light slowed down by gravity and magnetism for such a time as this.
Humanity has walked this earth and perhaps other places in the universe as well for longer than my imagination cares to remember BUT my genetic coding remembers every bit of it and this is the important bit.
This is a blink in the eye of the Universe We cannot replicate these endless capacities held here. Not even with all of our technologies which are moving it seems at the speed of light to us. We are struggling to catch up to our full capacity. It is the ones bringing the light that will illuminate the darkness that will fall on the earth caused by the dark minds. The minds of that part of humanity who are racked with greed and selfish existence. This is the darkness we must illuminate.
Images by Mezza - Collage  of images 
I have used these images over the last year in this blog on this journey of exploration of love, light and Unity. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Buddha says All that we are is the result of what we have thought.

This is a true fact.  It is so much better to see love and goodness and be at peace with yourself and nature.   I blogged yesterday about this balance.  This sort of continuous meditation process can really begin to free your mind of the clutter that holds people back from achieving their true potential in life and the end result should be happiness.   It is a state of just simply being. 

One actually chooses to be happy or not.  I know this is a hard call.  I have taken years to achieve such a thing.  We try and try and eventually being a true soldier to the cause pays off and, finally we see the end result start to manifest.  It is our thoughts that have produced this.  If we continue to look away from the natural it will only end up  manifesting things that are out of balance with our true nature.

Close your eyes for five seconds and see your self in your minds eye and  hold that image with love and feel things start to  manifest that are good for you.  It is up to you to do this as it cannot possibly hurt you,  I cannot make you do this.  What I can say is this,  it has a positive effect on you which in turn influences your electromagnetic energy you emit therefore this in turn influences all other energy matter around it.  This is how it happens and really it could not be more simple.

Image by Mezza - House on the hill with the windows ablaze with sunshine.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Staring into Nature helps balance out any pain energy from your body. Mary Peters

Beauty incomprehensible..

 Our vibrational energy is no different to that of the Earth in which we inhabit  According to many scientists over the recent years we share many similar traits to the Earth.  There is much to be drawn from this.  Our capabilities can be given a charge if we learn how to activate the Pineal Gland in the Brain.

This can be done by Sun Gazing and meditation.  Stand on the ground in a great place that isn't grass. Do this immediately after looking into the sun if this is what you normally do as part of your daily rituals.  Then, simply just close your eyes.  Relax and begin to see yourself in your "minds eye" and hold this picture in your mind for approximately five seconds. 
This is meditation!   When you do this, you cause a change to occur in your brain in this area of your Pineal Gland.   This is a good thing.  I have seen on a video that this causes the collapse of a particle of some description but this is the gateway to these other gifts that we hold.  Reiki is no more and no less than the laying on of hands in a similar nature.  A love nature. Love being the free will of God.

We submit to this form of electromagnetic energy and miracles occur.  This electro magnetic energy is the connecting energy of God. It is the vital force so often spoken about in scripture.  I am very happy to submit to this energy.  God created this magnificent universe and if I am here with purpose just like everything else then I am happy to submit to this.

Image by Mezza - Dawn from on the Hill
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The perception of time is shortened when one is "having fun".

Fun is the enjoyment of pleasure and, according to Johan Huizinga, "an absolutely primary category of life, familiar to everybody at a glance right down to the animal level."

Here is a picture of some kids having fun in the Bellingen river in the very late afternoon.  The time was well after 6.00pm in the evening.

 Fun may often have little to no logical basis, and opinions on whether or not an activity is fun may differ. I for instance find doing housework enjoyable.  I absolutely love the punishing work of Garlic and find this very enjoyable and it borders on being fun.  Why?  Because I laugh a lot and that is good for you and so that is fun to me.

One might be close to the truth saying that we can have more fun simply because we use the Daylight Saving System of time.  We get more daylight for our hours.  It always bamboozles me, I get it mixed up constantly and I personally was not in favor of it being introduced fun or no fun.  It upsets kids routines and their very important body clocks.  They ought ban the practice I feel.

Image by Mezza - Fun at the Bellingen Bridge in the Bellingen River.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I really appreciate family. I really can't imagine life without them!

Quote from Rapper and actor - Ice Cube...

Well I can.  I have lots of family but through all these years I have been held away from them.   All of them!   This happened when I was a child and as a  young adult and now too, even my own children as well.   The curse has marched on unabated.  I am a good person and really wish no malice or harm to any peoples in general.  But it is those injustices in life that can burr me up into abstract action. 

My girl friend 'Texsy was killed 6 months ago, run down needlessly on the side of the road in the township of Bellingen while she made her way home as she had done many times before.  This has turned out to be a  tainted accident but thank goodness there were a number of witnesses to this tragedy.     It was announced last week in the local newspaper as  front page news  that charges have finally been laid against the 46 year old driver responsible.  This has brought to the fore of my realization  that this area has an undertow of nastiness and judgementality worse than any  racism I have ever come across.

The absolute in your face sort of stuff that can make people turn real bad, people who ought look in the mirror before saying the things that have been said.   Some how these commentators think they are a class above my now deceased friend.  Some of what I have been subjected to taking into my brain has once again traumatized me.  I suppose this is the attitude at the IGA in Bellingen as well.  I would not be surprised at the lunchroom conversation at that workplace, especially having a witch on the front counter casting her constant spells of division and treachery!

Personal attacks on the relatives of Texsy have been rife and are on the rise now.   A town full of folk saying that this drink driver is a "good bloke", and that even though he ran over someone and left the scene of the crime, he is still a "good bloke" and alright in their eyes and that its ludicrous he be charged with this crime as she was "no one" and he is a family man!

"No one!"  Since when did this become the norm for the way in which serious crimes are summed up by a community at large. It is very sad and all of this highlights to me,  that these young people are either very very insensitive or just plain stupid.   The type of stupidity that is evident here in this shows they  have no idea of  what grief can do to a human being where death is concerned.  Especially a death of such a caliber as this one is.  The court case is being heard for mention on the 10th May  2012 at the Bellingen Magistrates Court Hyde Street Bellingen.

This has been a particularly difficult time and its not over yet by far.  It seems to me that people do not allow anyone to change.  Texsy had been in a stable and happy relationship for over three years at the time of her death and was working as a nurse in Nambucca Heads.  To say that she was anything else other than a "Champion" is an outrage., she had a heart bigger than Texas itself.

What I have had to bear in my emotions now regarding this has un-nerved me and I feel very uneasy. I don't like that I am so aware of this disgusting culture of discrimination that has no basis. I am certainly horrified  that this even occurs after someone else has occasioned the death.  To hear that the towns people even would go so far as to say that Texsy deserved this is despicable.  I won't be here for the first court case.   I am going on a trip to the Northern Territory during the period when this case sits.  I will be around for the subsequent court sessions though. 

"I am trying to love you and defend your honor for you from afar Texsy.  We all miss you always my sweet honeychild, Death does not douse the heart of love  MWHA xxox"

Image by Mezza - Dawn on the water
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Thursday, March 15, 2012


There is no such thing as the will of God apart from your own divine will. If God wanted life to be as mundane as of a singular expression, he never would have created you into being, nor would he have given you the will to express your own purposeful uniqueness.

What is called the will of God was created by man so that he could govern and control his brothers. Yet if you believe that teaching and see God’s will as separate from yours, then you will always be in the battle of his will versus yours, for you will want to do certain things and feel you must; yet the will of God says you must not.
God is not separate from you. You and he are one and the same. Your will is his will. Whatever you want to do is what you term divine providence, divine will. So you are never in conflict with destiny, for destiny is not preordained; it is ordained wholly by you. Everything you think creates your moments to come. Your very "now" moment is simply the product of the thoughts you had moments ago. That is the science of God. The only thing the Father wills for you is to experience the totality of life that he is, according to the feelings within your soul. 

Why?  So that you come to understand what joy is and the unconditional love that God has for you and all life. If you feel you are at odds with God, perhaps you should reconstruct your image of what God is, for I tell you he is not all-loving if you must fight him.
In the beginning when the Father contemplated his most splendid self, he expanded himself into the splendor of light. It was from that expansion in light that each of you became God in the form of a unique, singular movement so that you would continue the expansion of thought into forever.  In order for God to be an ever-expanding uniqueness through your contemplative thoughts, it was necessary to give each of you the power to create uniquely from the thought that he is.  He did this by giving you the action called free will. The principle of will was given to each of you so that you would be unique and sovereign, so that you would be the creator of your own truth, sovereign in your own understanding.

What gives you your divine essence is that you have the freedom to embrace and experience whatever thoughts you desire. And that divine essence, called free will, is love. It is the gift of love from God to each of you. Each of you has the divine essence of will so that you have the freedom to create uniquely whatever ideal you envision through thought.
Love in its ultimate form is the desire of the Father to allow the life that he is to be  ongoing through each of you. The purest form of love is the freedom of will that the Father gave each of you so that through the exercise of that will you would explore the dimensions of thought and expand yourself into a greatness, which expands the mind of God.

Free will gives you a uniqueness — yet a oneness with the Father — that permits your thought processes to have their own creative flow. And every moment you create through the contemplation and expansion of your own thoughts, you imitate the same love that the Father had for himself when he created you into being, for creation is the act of bringing love from within your being into a unique, free-moving, creative form, which will live on into forever.

From the illustrious moment of your birth, the Father gave each of you through pure, unconditional love this covenant: Whatever you think, whatever you desire, the Father shall become. Through that covenant — that still is and always shall be — each of you became the heir to the totality of what the Father is. Thus the Father always gives you all that he has become so that you can experience and understand the totality of life that he is. He is the basis of the fulfillment of your dreams.  But who is the dream-maker? You!

What are your dreams made of?  Thought, God, life. You can take from the totality of thought that God is and create any truth, any attitude, any desire you wish. Whatever truth or attitude you create in your thought processes, the Father, life, readily becomes. Whatever ideal of thought you desire, the Father freely manifests through the matter that he is so that you may experience it. To give you an example of God’s love for you, let us look at the creature called a snake, an ideal created by a God for the purpose of extended life in a life chain. This creature has a long, slender body with many muscles and many bones. It moves very swiftly and has a very big head with fangs that can puncture you as its only defense. Though its bite can bring down a man of great size within moments, any man could hack the snake to bits or easily crush it. Now let us take two Gods. The first, who has a scientific mind, sees the snake as a wonderful creation, for it can move very swiftly, even without feet, and has a beautiful pattern and color to its skin, and a marvelous skeleton that seems to go on and on and on.
The second God comes up and says that the snake is hideous and vile, it is an awful creature because its bite is dangerous, and it can kill a man.

To the Father, the truth of all life, all things are pure in their state of being. All things are innocent in their expression of the life that he is. It is only each entity’s attitude toward something that makes it a beautiful or a vile, ugly thing. It is only we Gods — who have the creative ability to take from the thought that the Father is, contemplate it, and alter it — who judge something that is really pure and innocent as something other than being. 

How great is the love of God, which is the life substance that the snake is, that he gives you, his greatest creation, the right to cast your attitude and will upon the snake however you choose. The love that the life source has for you is so great that it will become any one thing that you desire through thought. The Father will be anything you wish him to be. He will allow you to alter him in any way you wish to alter him. The life that he is will become vile or ugly or vulgar, or it will become to the height of beauty, however you wish to see it.

Now is that not a wondrous thing, that the Father will become however you perceive and desire him to be simply through the whims of your thought processes? Indeed it is. That is love. You can do with thought whatever you will, for the Father’s love for you is steadfast.

No matter how vile or wretched you perceive the life that God is, to him it is still him. It is still God. It is still pure, and it is still loved. That promise is unshakable, for the Father is of himself wholly without attitudes;  he simply is. 

The love between you and God has no condition. If the Father in any way censored your thoughts or restricted you from experiencing the totality of the life that he is, then you would not have the freedom to continue his expansion into forever. Neither would you gain the wisdom from your adventures in thought in order to understand the love and joy that the Father truly is in his supreme state of being.

God loves you in complete freedom to do as you will, for your will is his will.  That is the covenant between God and his sons, God and himself. Whatever you do, wherever you venture unto him, you are always loved. He allows you to do whatever you desire, for he knows that you are ongoing, that nothing can ever take you from him. The Father has created no thing superior to himself that can remove your life force ever, so you will always  be. And when your life here is spent, there will be yet another, with the freedom to create it however you choose.

You will live this life and all of those to come according to your will. And what has given you the freedom to do that is that which loves you, that which is called your Father, God Almighty, the lover of all things. You are free entities. How? Through the power called will and the ability called love.
For information on Ramtha and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, please contact them online at
Images by Mezza

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our nature is the mind. And the mind is our nature.


The same birds are out down where I go each day.  It is like they want to become friends.  I blame the bip sound on my camera.  I also always felt a  mad connection to birds.

Image by Mezza - Dawn in Urunga 14th March 2012  
Nature Quote of the Day

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”

Judy Garland

Judy was a thoughtful beautiful person as well as a talented actress.  This quote tells me that she felt very deeply about things.  I too feel this way at times.  I feel this way mostly about my children.  I always remember only the good times.  There is zero point in remembering the bad times as they are gone forever.

My daughter Montana is kissing her friend having a great time.  Montana is  a Gemini like Ms Garland and a thoughtful and deep person who has an infectious personality and a loveable demeanour. I think that Montana would be awesome on the stage as she is a very funny person with a great sense of humour and a wonderfully balanced way of looking at life.  She is growing up nicely.

Image -  Montana Baldwin 2010
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Tears are words the heart cannot express

The girls were growing up..this was nearly seven years ago now.  Tahlie and Montana were in my bedroom being beautiful.

When we cry whether we are sad or happy it is because there is no words that can sum up the feeling at that moment and the spirit in your body responds with tears to wash away the sense of feeling overwhelmed.

While crying, your situation is sort of eased in a way.  For those of us that have cried gallons of tears, it is a relief to spend many days without shedding very many.  It means a lot to me any way.  I have still shed a tear or two but it has been different as its been far less.

Let me see from 30 times or more in three days to perhaps none over the last three days and a single occurrence while Montana visited because she overwhelms me with her sheer presence I feel.  I love her that much.  I think that looking into the sun has sparked this change in my body to feel enlivened again and to rely on my instinctual being and to feel more at peace with the world around me.

Image by Mezza -  Montana on the 19th April 2005

Sunday, March 11, 2012

God makes no mistakes and God makes No Junk!

When your feeling a little down, try to remember that on this planet everything is here for a reason.  There has not been one thing on this planet that is here for no reason.  Everything from the tiniest to the most giant has a purpose...

The Full Moon resting gently on my back gate post at Urunga 2012
 This is what I try to remember when I become overwhelmed by the sheer immenseness  and imminence of God and creation of the universe.  I am here for a reason.  What ever I am feeling is for a reason. Nothing is with out purpose on this earth.  We cannot see the purpose as it is unfolding and we usually don't get to see it till way way after an event has occurred.  We get to see later how God had his hand on the situation all the way.

I was almost 30 years old when I had my first child.  A Son, Jesse we named him.  Jesse David William Baldwin.  Me being who I am, I was someone who was always going to be challenged rearing children no matter which way things went or with who ever I was partnered too.  I sometimes wish that I didn't have to suffer the relationship stuff that I had to while serving under the commission of God and Motherhood. 

I had to remember continually that God makes no mistakes and this was meant to be this way.

I know  that I was a good mum and I know that I was in the care of God while doing this because so many times when I look back now and see how wonderful and perfect that it panned out the way it did.

All this has done has prepared me for the greatest fight of my entire life.  I am at this point still waiting for it.  I have been through the fiery furnace and I am waiting because you don't receive training at this level and not get to put it into action.

I love my children.  I loved my son so  much.  I am still mortified that he has done what he has done to me and he really thinks that I, as his MOTHER and a human being deserve this kind of treatment!  I am so so saddened that no one cares about me enough to help me with this.

  • Paul Rogers is a liar.  
  • Paul Rogers made a complete idiot of himself.  
  • Paul Rogers went to John and asked John about me. ( You don't ask ex's anything)
  • Paul Rogers never ... Repeat NEVER.. asked me about me at all. 
  • Paul Rogers is with out guts and fortitude.
  • Paul Rogers is responsible for the complete relationship breakdown between my son and myself.
  • Paul Rogers stuck his nose in to where it wasn't required.
  • Paul Rogers caused a lot of problems.
  • Paul Rogers swore he would pay me back for telling his mother he downloaded Porn onto my computer, he hated me for that.  (I didn't want  porn on my computer).
  • For this,  he will be served a plate full of KARMA.

See to it that it is a large plate with big high sides so that nothing falls off this plate.    As God is my witness,  I have told the truth and I have never done the things I was accused of.  I am sad that not one person stood up for me, not even my daughters. Not my friends or people who I knew.  Remind me to not step in to help others in future.  I have lost count how many people have told me they could  have said something but ...." they didn't want to upset the apple cart".  Screw the apple cart.  Since when has an apple cart been more important than a human being!

I stepped in to help my sister Kay, I thought I could help her.  I did help her but that is the other half of this story.  I am hated for being a little clever and that is about the long and the short of it.  Now their are peoples prides involved.  Their own pride is what is stopping them saying sorry!

I try really hard not to let this kill me,  the mere thought of suicide must never creep into my head / many have taken their own lives because of sadness that isn't any where near as horrific as this story is.  I,  at times hate this world.  I don't hate the planet.  I love the planet.  I hate the consciousnesses that walk around seemingly unabated by stuff and seemingly getting away with it all until Karma steps in.  Thank you Karma you are my friend.

Karma, Your the invisible measuring stick that the universe uses to sort out stuff.  It is good that I get this time alone with Brice to cement our relationship.  Our relationship has developed into the most special of groupings of people.  He and I are very very different.  I am so happy to be able to tell another human being about all the things I have learned and to have someone love me unconditionally in return.  It is a gift from God himself I'm sure.  Something to help me see that I am special even when I might feel for a second or forget for a minute that I am.  I am special,  I was born for such a time as this.

Image By Mezza - Full Moon in Urunga.  March 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

We are the pulsing field of all consciousness existing everywhere, within everything, beyond past, present, or future.

Layne Redmond

            Full Moon hanging in the morning sky
Rainbow coloured western morning sky with the moon still quite high
This is a beautiful post to write as I have pondered many times the fact of what is written here
Below is the history of how and why and the fact that we are in our grandmothers bellies for a short time while also being in our own mothers bellies when conceived.  There is a reason for this and it is to make sure that the Genetic memory is very very strong.
Before we were conceived, we existed in part as an egg in our mother’s ovary. All the eggs a woman will ever have form in her ovaries when she is a four-month-old foetus. This means that the sacred egg that developed into the person you are now, formed in your mother’s ovary when she was growing in the womb of her mother. Each of us, male and female, spent five months in the womb of our grandmother, rocking to the pulse of our grandmother’s blood. And our mother spent five months rocking to the pulse of her grandmother’s blood, and her mother pulsed to the beat of her grandmother’s blood. Back through the pulse of all the mothers and all the grandmothers, through the beat of the blood that we all share, this sound can return us to the pre-conscious state, to the inner structure of the mind, to the power and the source of who and what we actually are: the pulsing field of all consciousness existing everywhere, within everything, beyond past, present, or future.
By Layne Redmond

Image by Mezza - Full Moon on the hill
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Virgo Full Moon is upon us again...

It is that time again... it is the Full Moon...

a VIRGO FULL MOON..  it goes full about 10.30 am today.

Full Moon  on the rise over Urunga last night 7th march
When the Moon is in Virgo, it's typical to pay a bigger attention to details. Critiquing, analysis, diligence, rigour, practicality are characteristic. No matter if we like it or not, all these qualities influence our attitude towards life and our organism.
Virgo favours works as a whole, and especially that kind of work, requiring skills, practical knowledge, precision and effort.
The days, when the Moon is in Virgo, favour the activity of the critics, proofreaders, typographers, mathematicians, people, engaged in jewellry business.
In the "Moon in Virgo" days better avoid to show the result of your work to your boss. He would make a long and careful research of your work, looking for mistakes, even if they don't exist.

It's good through this period to clean the house. Or make a cleaning diet.
In the communication with your family it's desirable to avoid criticism and particularity. This is the time, when you can indulge in your hobby, especially, if it's connected with needlework or collecting.

When the Moon enters Virgo, in our body begin cleaning processes and internal regulation. It's good to support these processes with diet and recovery procedures.
In this period it's advisable to consume fresh food. Consumption of unusual products can adversely affect the intestines.
My Take on all of this is:
So the way I see all of that is, don't submit assessments, clean your house and your body. Eat great fresh food with lots of foods high in sunshine and energy.  Get out the mending you have been putting off and stitch away as you will pay more attention to detail while the moon is in Virgo.

I am off the mop the floors as I have been putting it off but today I will do it better  and I will scrub those nasty marks that get stuck in the old linoleum that is on the floor in this house.  That will make it look a lot better.  It isnt easy to keep it looking nice as its really old and it has had its day.

Enjoy the full moon. I hope my son Jesse is enjoying this full moon he is a Virgo child and he pays a lot of attention to detail.  You only have to look at his cars that I know of to know this.  I love you Jesse David William Baldwin.  I love that you pay attention to the fine details.  That is your journey in life.

Because I am paying attention to detail this is a little something I bothered to pay particular attention with this morning.  Atalanta is such a good friend.  A true wonderful  natured person and her children are vivacious and inquisitive and beautiful.

Sunrise adapted for Atalanta and the Girls.
Images By Mezza -  Urunga Full moon and Sunrise 
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Isn't it amazing the way the future succeeds in creating an appropriate past.

Dabangganay ...... Shells

I have not stopped researching the Gumbayggirr dictionary and learners Grammar book.  What a source of pure joy to be able to see the dreaming names of everything from the colours to the shells and sunrises and the place where I live. 

Threading shells and beads is something I do periodically when the mood arises. the other day I was snapped beading shells again out back.  I have collected so many bits and pieces to make these sorts of things over the years that I could keep myself happy for some time. So the past succeeded in making the present and the future great.

A huge collection of beautiful and very plain beads that have been dying for me to live by the sea again.

 Beaker's Beads, The BeadsBeaker's Beads, The Beads (Photo credit: BevKnits)
Quote by John Leonard
Image by Brice Brennan - Mary threading shells 2012
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Monday, March 5, 2012


High Tide...

High Tide
The dawn today resembled the rest of the day. Big!  Today I got my ticket to go to Uluru with Uncle Tom and Suzie Kelly.  I simply cannot wait to see this magnificent place and photograph every bit of the journey.

It is going to be a journey for me as well as I have not gone anywhere because I have not seen the rock.  The most amazing place in all Australia.  I felt since I was a child that I wanted to go there ever since I climbed Bald Rock at Girraween Park up the New England as a Girl Guide.

Uluru #01Uluru #01 (Photo credit: Lightsurgery)
Now I can photograph this entire expedition and it will be grand I can assure you.  I hope lots of people give me lots of tips and that is my focus now for the next couple of months, to prepare for this and learn as much before I go as possible.  Yahoooo!   I am fully excited.

IMage by Mezza - High Tide at Dawn / Urunga in Autumn 2012
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

SUN GAZING.. If everyone participated in Sun Gazing it would contribute to world peace. Mary Peters

Getting bare foot in front of the sun and this is what I see

I am still as passionate as ever about seeing the first light.  This light is responsible for so much.  We are not meant to wear shoes as much as we do.  The clothing we wear is disastrous because the fibers are mainly synthetic in their make up.

People don't understand or they don't care that they are living so far from what is required for their general health and well-being.

Food isn't food anymore.  Some of it resembles food but it is denatured and plastic in its nature and is like feeding death to yourself and your children with each mouthful.  Children now in the 21st century around me suffering with Ricketts ( Vitamin D deficiency). This is a deficiency caused from the lack of sunshine going into the eyes.  Medical practices says we get enough in a few minutes of daylight but there is so much more to this.   We are not barefoot.  We are shrouded in poison.  We have no idea how to behave in front of the sun.

Sun screen is being slapped on everyone and glasses are worn for the entirety of going in the daylight.  Even the body coverings (cloths) are no longer cloths, they are poisonous shrouds that we wrap our bodies in.  Our skin is the largest organ of our body and its part of the system of getting rid of junk from the inside out. 

Clothing  or the wearing of clothing is what is responsible for the smell of body odor because the toxins are trapped against the skin creating a toxic layer left on you with your cloths holding it there away from the light and the sun.

I have used sunscreen so little I think I qualify as a total non user and a non believer in it.   I believe in taking your baby naked into the sunshine and exposing the skin to the sun which is  quite the opposite. This is what I did for my children because I really believed we were being conned.  There are so many benefits to this practice.  Their skin is then accustomed to the suns rays and isn't so adversely affected with exposure.

Sun gazing should never be attempted lightly.  It needs to be investigated fully so as to avoid causing yourself unwanted damage because of not doing it safely.

I will continue to research the history of sun-gazing and all of its benefits.

Image by Mezza - The beautiful Dawn in Urunga

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